Consulting is the method of finding the right way to achieve success by solving chalanging tasks. It is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.

M. Hedera
Name : Maros Hedera
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Since 2006 supporting excelent insurance companies and software vendors on their way to success.

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    Product design

    From scratch or within an actuarial team. The product in sense of design, actuarial definition and testing. Followed by implementation and presentation.

  • U

    Actuarial support

    Modeling or proofing. Integration testing against on purpose developed acturial tools in MS Office. Yes, VBA helps a lot and makes Excel more powerfull.

  • d

    Software delevoplment

    Java, C++, Web, mobile device or simply VBA? We are strong in business analysis. Managing projects of development and implementation is also what we know. Specialy, we know how it should not go.

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    A migration is always a big chalange. So many things are going to be changed. Please don't forget to communicate to each other. A person between, a consultant, brings mutual understanding and harmonisation. This may save BIG money.

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    Software consultancy

    Business analysis and blueprints are not wasted time and money. With good preparation and in-process consultancy you would not hear "I see, we made it wrong because we did not understand it correctly." .

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    Customer care

    Batch mailing, customer campaings? We can help with data analysis and precise targeting.


Each project is always the most important. No matter how long it takes or what rocket science is used.

  • 2006 - 2008

    System/Product Administratation

    Wustenrot poistovna a.s. (SK)

    Do you know SymAss (msg life OdaTeam, Slovenia) ? It is perfect, and Serafin took care for this system. We have introduced new products, calculations, models for re-insurance, of course the provisions as well. And giving a hand to the contract administration department was included.

  • 2007 - 2009

    Migration Project/Product Parametrisation

    Wustenrot poistovna a.s.(SK) / Wustenrot pojistovna a.s. (CZ)

    A big chalange. I was in the middle. We took care for fluent information transfer to make the contract migration possible. Serafin also parametrised the products in target system. Testing, process setting and schooling of the administrators was included. And we started to speak and write german!

  • 2007 - 2009

    Support/ Product development

    KD Life (SK,SI,BG)

    KD Life(Ljubljana, Slovenia) was setting the branches across central and eastern Europe. Serafin helped them with products and system administration. Yes, it was SymAss again. Very nice people.

  • 2009 - 2010

    Consulting for Milliman and local insurers.

    Milliman, Wustenrot SK, Groupama poistovna SK

    I made with partner a detailed market analysis of insurance products in Czechia and Slovakia. And doing all the best with existing clients. And we have learned Sophas (tools4F)

  • 2011 - 2012

    Tied consulting with Cor&Fja (now msg life Austria) Wien.

    Cardiff Wien, VIG Wien, Donau Versicherung Wien, Groupama poistovna SK, Wustenrot SK

    This was very hectic. Tiny projects but very important. At Cardif I was in charge to take care for the implementing of new reporting system. VIG was testing the new system for upcomming migration. I was there and have seen SAP for insurance for the first time.

  • 2012 - 2014

    Tied consulting with Novis SK.

    Novis SK

    It is the most chalenging oportunity when a new company arises. I was there when the product was defined from schratch, when new system was designed and implementet and when the processes were declared. My role had a name - "Product Manager". I have also coded the sale support application to help the agents to present and sell the new product.

  • 2014 - now

    Tied consulting with msg life Slovakia.

    msg life Slovakia, subsidiary of msg life ag

    I am the business consultand and actuary. Taking care everyday for one of the most inovative Swiss insurer and assisting to software developers. It includes also preparing specifications, presenting to client and develeporers and running mathematical tests.

  • What will be next?

    I want to learn more.

    Big Data, digitalisation or migration? Inovative products and client care? Let me know, I want to be with you.


Sometimes the most important skill is to put people to work together to reach the goal.

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Product development
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Business Analysis

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